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Anonymous asked: i am 21 yrs old and 4'11 and i've been trying for years to embrace my size, but its so hard. especially with my bf who ive been dating for 2yrs; he's 6'4 and i love him and his tallness but i start feeling more conscious about my own height! once his friend said "i thought you were holding hands with a kid" and thought that was funny, but it wasn't; it hurt. i don't want to look like a kid next to my bf, i want to look like a normal 21yr old woman. what can i do?


What is normal is something that you define, not anyone else. In other words, do not let anyone else define the word normal to you. My older sister is 31 now, she is 5’1 and her husband is about 6’2.

The jokes usually stop once your peers get older and more mature.

I strongly believe that being a 21 year old woman has everything to do with what’s inside and nothing to do with your physical appearance.

I will not tell you to change anything because I strongly believe that every person is a beautiful individual in themselves. I am 5 feet tall, and the sizes of the clothes I wear everyday range from Small to Large. 

Below is a link to one of my favorite articles about self acceptance that I related to quite a bit.

As short girls, we will be viewed as young for the majority of our lives. We should view that as a blessing rather than a curse because at the end of the day, if we want to change minds, we need to start with our own.

We should view our height as a beautiful thing. Love yourself in your 28 inch inseam jeans. Love your short legs.

Love yourself.


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1. I’m sorry for not posting new pictures. Life has been really rough lately.


2. Thank you so much for all of the questions and things you keep sending in :)

and finally

3. I have no way of being able to tell you if you will continue to grow or not.


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november-twentyfour asked: I just wanted to tell all the short girls that get teased about their height. I'm 4'11" and i always got teased but I got used to it and I actually would rather be short then tell. Kids clothes is cheaper(: lol and a lot of guys like short girls better. Like my boyfriend he is 6'2" a lotttt taller then me. lol So find the good things in being short and don't worry about the rest(:


Amen sista!

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Anonymous asked: I'm 4'11 and 13 I know it's kinda stupid to be worrying about my height but ugh. I get teased so much for it and I hate it! Usually i'd be okay with what people say to me about my height, but lately it's becoming kinda mean and harsh.. I don't know what to do about it!


I would say if it’s becoming mean and harsh then it almost becomes a bullying problem. If it’s your friends, I think the best way to confront the situation is when it happens again, just say hey, that’s actually kind of mean and I don’t like it when you say that. I know that I have personally had to do that in many friendships and it may be slightly awkward for a few minutes but it’s totally fine afterwards and feelings aren’t hurt anymore.

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Anonymous asked: I'm a teenage girl and I know i'm not going to grow anymore :( Im 4'11 and guys are always teasing me idk what to dooo


They tease but honestly, they think it’s cute. Guys tend to tease about everything but that’s all it is, teasing. They don’t mean it seriously :) Guys will even tease the tall girls and categorize the girls that are in between as either tall or short so they can tease them too. The truth is, they don’t actually have a problem with your height. Or at least the right ones won’t ;)

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Anonymous asked: To the anon who was 12 and asking how tall they might end up being based on their parents heights, my parents are both about the same height as your parents and I'm about 5'2 and 15. everyone's different so who knows about your height but it just reminded me of my parents so I figured I'd let ya know :)


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